Innovation in PharmSchul

April 2018
The new functions for archiving and reactivating of records were implemented. So PharmSchul users can only see current records. Only users with special access are able to see archived records.
The participant is albe to create the Reports "Planning/Execution Comparison (Matrix)" und "Trainingplan" via PharmSchul WEB. The requested report will be send by eMail.

April 2017
Training contents of a training will be marked as read in PharmSchul WEB, after the participant followed the corresponding link. Thus the participant is easily able to see which training contents need to be read to complete the training.

March 2016
It is possible to provide in PharmSchul WEB additional files like videos or presentations to training.
Additionally it is possible to control, that the participant is only able to sign electronically, if he has opened the assigned files of a training.

August 2015
Training managers are able to send invitation eMails to participants. The participant is then able to confirm or to cancel his participation in PharmSchul WEB.

March 2015
The following reports were implemented in the PharmSchul Report Server.
  • Planning/Execution Comparison of an employee
  • Training Demand of employees
  • Display of employees trained in a topic
  • Display of training of a topic
  • Display of training of an employee
  • Display of trained SOPs and topic of an employee
  • Display of trained SOPs and topic of employees of a department
  • Display of training of employees of a department

Creation of certificates via PharmSchul WEB:
Together with the PharmSchul Report Server it is possible to create certificates via PharmSchul WEB.

The PharmSchul Report Server is validated!

Juli 2014
The following enhancements are available:
  • Controlling Report can now be created for departments.
  • Establishment of cover ratio of a training at the push of a button.
  • The new report "Training Plan" was implemented.

All these enhancements are validated!

October 2013
The new Report "Training costs and duration" was implemented.

This report is validated!

April 2013
The new PharmSchul module „Success Control“ is available:
With the implementation of this module it is now possible to perform a documented success control.

The module works as follows:

  • An individual questionnaire as a multiple choice test will be assigned to a training.
  • The participants answer the corresponding questions before signing electronic.
  • After the successful completion of the test the participant is automatically marked as passed in PharmSchul.
  • If the participant failed the test, the training responsible will receive an eMail.
  • The test results are visible for priviliged PharmSchul users.

Of course this PharmSchul module is validated!