Training Management

By using the information from the training plan it is possible to enter immediately the needed training in the system - manually or by special functions.
Furthermore it is possible to send invitation eMails to future participants of a training.

Employees who should participate in a reading training, are immediately able to sign electronically for their participation after starting the system.
The information about the participation is automatically entered in the system by the use of the electronic signature and no additional manual maintenance is necessary.

For a classroom training a participation list with a unique ID number will be generated by PharmSchul.
After manual signing of the participants on the list of paritications this information need to be transferd  into PharmSchul.
The scanned list of participations or as well training documents can be assigned to the training, thus they are callable at any time.

By using PharmSchul WEB the participants are able to sign for their participations, even if the training is a classroom training.